C3 modern odd pop    
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C3: Motion Study
ardbound book and CD


© 2015 Ballistic Music

Motion Study

exclusive, limited edition
 32-page book and CD featuring
lyrics & illustrated song tiles for each
of the 12 tracks.

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 1. two minus one (Steve Ball / Paul O’Rear)
 2. modern monkey math (Steve Ball / Paul O’Rear)
 3. curtains (Steve Ball)
 4. orphan (Steve Ball)
 5. hollow (Steve Ball)
 6. not in love (Steve Ball)
 7. mother of violence (Peter Gabriel)
 8. believe in tomorrow (Steve Ball)
 9. kneeling down (Steve Ball)
10. bottom rung (Steve Ball)
11. niagara falls (Ivan Lee / Steve Ball)
12. motion study (Steve Ball / Paul O’Rear / Nathan Grigg / Ivan Lee) *

            * improvised based on a theme by Nik Bartsch Ronin (Modul 17)   

All arrangements by C3 and Stevie Adamek
Produced by C3 and Stevie Adamek
Executive Producers: Paul O’Rear / Steve Ball

Songtiles and handwriting by Steve Ball
Printing and Production: Pablo Mandel   www.circularstudio.com  
Printed and manufactured by the most excellent ORO Editions

More info, email: c3 at steveball dot com.

C3 modern odd pop    

is a long-term collaboration between Seattle musicians Steve Ball and Paul O’Rear.

C3 is the next evolution of the Steve Ball Roadshow, a guitar-based ensemble that has been performing in and around the Seattle area since 1997. Before settling in Seattle, Steve Ball was a long time member of the League of Crafty Guitarists, founder of the Seattle Guitar Circle, and core member of international guitar ensembles Los Gauchos Alemanes and Electric Gauchos.

C3 music is characterized by odd, intricate and interlocking guitar parts complemented with stacked vocal harmonies. C3 performances feature a constantly morphing line-up of world-class guest musicians who collaborate to present improvised songscapes and multi-layered story-songs.

Arrangements, tempos, keys, and harmonies unfold dynamically and musically in the moment, and no song or show is ever performed exactly the same way twice.

C3 performs woven arrangements of both new and familiar songs by the group as well as carefully chosen covers by Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Jane Siberry, Kate Bush, and Todd Rundgren.

C3 2013-2014 live collaborators: Jaxie Binder, Stephen Thompson, Nathan Grigg, Igor Abuladze.
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