tiny orchestral  moments
songs, improvised
& improvisations that sound composed

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Tiny Orchestral Shield

Tiny Orchestral Moments Box Set  
five CDs in an unlikely, unusual box
  2016 Songs 2016 Producers Sessions 2016 Improvisations 2017 v2  
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CD2: Producer's Sessions
Tiny Orchestral Box Set
  • 01 Tiny Moment
  • 02 Slanted Circles (2/3)
  • 03 Carpet Weaving
  • 04 Little Red Light
  • 05 Missing
  • 06 Green Intentions
  • 07 the Bell
  • 08 Telefunken Copperhead
  • 09 Dissonance Questions
  • BONUS: Tone Eleven



Core Team

Petra Haden (Los Angeles)

Paul Richards (Los Angeles)

Nora Germain (Los Angeles)

Nigel Gavin (Auckland)

Amy Denio (Seattle)

Patrick Grant (NYC)

Julie Slick (Philadelphia)

Steve Ball (Seattle)

Sonia Wilson (Paris)

Carl Marti Germain (Seattle)

Aileen Elizabeth Bunch (Philadelphia)

Erin Victoria Wigger (Los Angeles)


Seattle Guitar Circle

Jaxie Binder

Curt Golden

 Bob Williams

 Dean Jensen

 Chris Gibson

  Sandra Prow

 Lucius Gregory Meredith

 Jane Mabry-Smith

 Rob Taylor-Manning


Studio Guests

Trey Gunn (Warr guitar / bass / uke)

Igor Abuladze (guitar / bass)

Nathan Grigg (keyboards)

Dan Moore (drums)



Steven Perilloux (Los Angeles)

Louise Amandes (Seattle)

Ron Austin (Seattle)



Christian Heilman (Tues / Wed engineer)

Geoff Ott (Thurs / Fri engineer)

Shohei Ogami (Sat engineer)

Jonathan Plum (Studio owner)

All tracks recorded
Wednesday August 31st - Saturday September 2nd, 2016
at the Chapel and/or London Bridget Studio, Seattle WA
Recording Engineers: Christian Heilman (the Chapel)
and Geoff Ott / Shohei Ogami (London Bridge)
Mixed and Produced by: Steve Ball
Tiny Orchestral Moments LIVE
The Chapel, photo: © Peter Dervin

  • Tiny Moment
    Produced by: Steve Ball

    Slanted Circles (2/3)
    Produced by: Patrick Grant

    Carpet Weaving
    Produced by: Aileen Bunch

    Little Red Light
    Produced by: Carl Germain

    Produced by: Bob Williams

    Green Intentions
    Produced by: Dean Jensen

    the Bell
    Produced by: Sonia Wilson

    Telefunken Copperhead
    Produced by: Chris Gibson

    Dissonance Questions
    Produced by: Trey Gunn

    Tone Eleven
    Produced by: Nigel Gavin

    * * *
  • Each of the tracks on CD2 had a primary Producer who directed or initiated a piece that unfolded as the TOM Troupe worked in direct service of the Producer.

    One of the aims of Tiny Orchestral Moments is to host events that actualize a living school in sustainable settings, providing opportunities for performers, producers, leaders, instructors, organizers and audiences to practice the art of Continuous Improvisation.

FINAL CD2 Digipak Artwork
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Producers Paintings
by Eve Williams

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