tiny orchestral  moments 
songs, improvised
& improvisations that sound composed

preview of an unique new multi-disc release
coming in August 2017

Tiny Orchestral Shield

Tiny Orchestral Moments Box Set  
five CDs in an unlikely, unusual box
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CD 3

© 2017 Ballistic Music
CD3: Tiny Improvisations
Tiny Orchestral Box Set
  • 01 Spirits
  • 02 Gita
  • 03 Documentary
  • 04 Cooking for Everybody
  • 05 Far From the Edge
  • 06 Thumb Circulation
  • 07 Chord Circulation
  • 08 Wild Cards
  • 09 London Bridge
  • BONUS: Baroque Trio



Core Team

Petra Haden (Los Angeles)

Paul Richards (Los Angeles)

Nora Germain (Los Angeles)

Nigel Gavin (Auckland)

Amy Denio (Seattle)

Patrick Grant (NYC)

Julie Slick (Philadelphia)

Steve Ball (Seattle)

Sonia Wilson (Paris)

Carl Marti Germain (Seattle)

Aileen Elizabeth Bunch (Philadelphia)

Erin Victoria Wigger (Los Angeles)


Seattle Guitar Circle

Jaxie Binder

Curt Golden

 Bob Williams

 Dean Jensen

 Chris Gibson

  Sandra Prow

 Lucius Gregory Meredith

 Jane Mabry-Smith

 Rob Taylor-Manning


Studio Guests

Trey Gunn (Warr guitar / bass / uke)

Igor Abuladze (guitar / bass)

Nathan Grigg (keyboards)

Dan Moore (drums)



Steven Perilloux (Los Angeles)

Louise Amandes (Seattle)

Ron Austin (Seattle)



Christian Heilman (Tues / Wed engineer)

Geoff Ott (Thurs / Fri engineer)

Shohei Ogami (Sat engineer)

Jonathan Plum (Studio owner)

All tracks recorded
Wednesday August 31st - Saturday September 2nd, 2016
at the Chapel and/or London Bridget Studio, Seattle WA
Recording Engineers: Christian Heilman (the Chapel)
and Geoff Ott / Shohei Ogami (London Bridge)
Mixed and Produced by: Steve Ball
Tiny Orchestral Moments LIVE
The Chapel, photo: © Peter Dervin


  • Why Inclusion as a Principal?

    Why Inclusion as a Principal?

    Inclusive projects acknowledge that we are all, always somewhere along the spectrum from beginning to mastery, and our position changes radically from moment to moment. The principal of inclusion acknowledges our 'mobile' state, and it puts a revolving burden on those who may be further along at time X to help pull those around them up -- so that the same might happen for them the next time they are down. Operating from a principal of inclusion embodies the power of groups whose members are equal in commitment even if at time Y they are not all equal in skill, understanding, competence or clarity. Inclusion also enables a powerful opportunity for contributing silence, and beginning to recognize that, in a large group, we don't have to play many notes to build a beautiful melody together.

    * * *
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    CD4 and 5 (Live) CD design.
    TOM II in Seattle
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